〈心態的力量〉The Strength of the Strength, Mindset of the Mindset.  




The daughter complains toward the father, everything is all very difficult.


She hards put to cope with a life, seem a problem just resolve, the new problem appeared again,she was some tired.

The father is a cook, bringing in the kitchen to her. He goes toward first to pour into some waters in three people's pot, then puts on the prosperous fire. 

Soon, boiling. He goes toward an one mouthful to put some carrots in pot, putting into the egg in the second pot, putting  to become the coffee bean of the powder into  the third pot.


20 after minute, the father closed fire, getting out carrot, putting to go into a bowl, getting out an egg, putting to go into a pot, then ladling up the coffee to a cup.

The father turns round to ask a daughter : "Kid, what do you come in sight of?“
" Carrot, egg, coffee. "She say.

 He lets her close to some, touch carrot. She takes notice of him them to become soft.

The father lets the daughter take an egg again, breaking it, shelling hull, this is a cook of egg.

End, the father lets her drink an one mouthful coffee. Taste to the very thick coffee, the daughter smile, the voice asked a way:

"Father, what does this mean?" The father says three kind things face same adverse circumstances-boil of boiled water.
 「父親,這意味著什麼?」父親說,三樣東西面臨同樣的逆境 -- 煮沸的開水。

But its reflection is each not same. The carrot goes in to be strong and fructify before the pot,putting into the boiled water, it become soft,become weak.

The egg is originally crumbly, the very thin outer shell protects the internal organs of the liquid,once the boiled water cook, the internal organs become hard.

 The powder form coffee bean then is very special, entering boiling water, they changed a water then.

 Canned learn the carrot,egg and coffee bean before the difficulties and adverse circumstances,can accept defeat, can also become stronger-even can change environment.

The father say:Your change not environment, but can change an oneself;
 Your change settle a dispute actually, but can change an attitude;

Your change not past, but can change now;You have no command over others,
 but can control an oneself;

You can't predict tomorrow,but can hold today;
You can't be everything smooth, but can be devote with fact;

You can't or so weather, but can change a mood; You can't change facial appearance, but can emerge smiling face;

Yes, the mindset sometimes compares what all important. Happy life guidebook Correct immediately while discovering mistake.

 The poem phrase song that keeps firmly in mind oneself's fancy endow with. Don't interrupt the other people's compliment to you.

Read some books more, watch some televisions less. The opinion be unsuited to, can argue by reasoning, but can't insult and humiliate the other party.

 Bear in mind:
The great love needs to emit tremendous risk with outstanding achievement all.


Respect other people, respect an oneself,be responsible for own behavior.

 If fail, never forget the precept of(with)failure.

While being you to remember past years so over the life of (with) the happiness and the dignity,can enjoy life again and happily.

The thought and knowledge shared you with other people much, is attain immortal of one of the path.

The rule want to understand, but don't defend to the death, master to improvise.

You of the personality be you of destiny. 你的性格就是你的命運。
 Measure success with the price of pay. 用付出的代價去衡量成功。
Smile to connect to hear a telephone, the other party will feel you of smile.

Prepare to accept new thing at any time,
 but don't throw away the thing that should cherish.

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