Jane Eyre 2006 (BBS)


Where is the rate?

She's behind the curtain where she always hide.

Mama, Jane has knocked me down.

Take her up to the redroom immediately!

The child had the devil in her. I've always said.

No!No! Not the redroom!No!No! Not the redroom

Don't come back. Uncle Reed. Please don't come back.

Uncle Reed please don't come back. Please

Let me out please. help me. Just let me out. let me out! 


Come along John.

Yes. come on John. we haven't got all day.

Don't worry. I won't shoot you. Unless we don't like the paiting. that is.

Hello. shouldn't you be in the portrait? there still plenty of room.

Jane Eyre?

She's not part of the family.



It's no use looking at me like that. Jane

I have tried my hardest. but you made it impossible

I tried to carry out my dear husband's wishes. But you have made it

impossible. You know you have.

You have deliberately made it impossible for me to love you.

Say something unnatural child!

You have not tried very hard. My uncle's dying wish was that you treat

me as one of your children. You have not tired to.

You dare to tell me!

That is why he haunts the redroom. Because you're disobeyed him.

And on the day you die, God will know who is telling the truth whatever

you or I say now.

( deliberately故意  haunt出沒) 


Come on, Miss Jane, you have a visitor. You must look your best.

I've tried so very hard. you cannot believe how hard I have tried but....

there is the devil in the child. 

What is your name, child?

Jane Eyre, sir.

Do you know, Jane Eyre, what happens to little children when they die?

They go to heaven.

And what happens to disobedient deceitful girls when they die?

They go to hell.....

So what must you do to avoid the terrible fate?

I must take care to keep in good health and not to fall ill, sir.

You aunt tells me that you are a deceitful child. Is that true, Jane Eyre?

I am not a liar.

So do you say your aunt is a liar?

(obedient聽話  deceitful狡詐)


Ah, Jane Eyre......

How could I forget? Step out here. Jane.

Jane Eyre. I'm sorry to have to tell you, Is a liar. The lesson of the day 

will be that lying is a sin. That all liars deserve to be shunned by their 


Stand on that stool, Jane.

You will stay there until midnight, and you will not eat or drink, but bow

to beg God's forgiveness for your sin.

(shunned迴避  fellow同伴  stool凳子)


I wish I could escape to one of these places.Somewhere where it's warm.

I believe you will. But you'll have to work hard. You have to accept that

we've been left here by our families to fend for ourselves. If you take 

advantage of the education here, if you are not too rebellious, and if you

are paitent. then you will find your way out. We will both work our hardest

andy pray that God spares us until we are grown up. 

And then what do we do ? I think when we grow up. we have to be 

teachers. How do we ever get out of here, Helen?

We advertise.

(fend擋.擊退  fend for ourselves 自食其力)


There you are.

You're very cold, Jane. Come on under my covers.

No. No.  God can't have her! He can't take her!

God has already taken her. Jane. You must be brave.

Helen, Helen, Helen Helen.


Girls, look how the sun casts shadows on the flowers.

Come on, girls, hurry up now.

Miss Eyre. There appears to be a letter for you, Miss Eyre. 

If Miss J.E. is in a position to give satisfactory references

as to character and competency"then we will be happy to engage

her as a governess to Miss adele Varens, ward of Mr. Rochester

of Thornfield Hall."

(cast投射  competency能力  engage聘任,約定 governess女教師)


Ah, There's Thornfield Hall now. miss, There's always a light burning

in the tower.

Are you taking me to Mrs Fairfax?

In there.

Why? it's Miss Eyre! At last! Oh, we've been waiting for you for so long!

Oh, I'm Mrs. Fairfax. welcome to Thornfield.

My goodness, Miss Eyre. How hungry you are. You must have been 

travelling all day. How long is it since you have sat beside the fire and

eaten a hearty meal?

Oh, approximately eight years.

Oh, my goodness. Eight years? Hasn't sat by the fire for eight years?

Eight years? I'll tell the master that when he gets back from abroad.

That will amuse even him. Oh. not that he's without humour, of course.

Certainly not. I remember he used to tell jokes as a child. He keeps

himself to himself, but you needn't worry. He's hardly ever at home. 

Always travelling. 

(hearty meal 飽餐   approximately大約)


Miss Eyre. Your are up early. I hope you slept well.

Yes, thank you. I was anxious to meet Adele.

Ah. yes. Well. you won't have to wait long.

Does she play up there?

Oh. goodnes me, no. no one lieves up there.

Oh. I thought I saw someone at the window.

There's only Grace Poole there. She does the laundry.

Ah! Mrs. Fairfax.....

I don't think Miss Adele can wait any longer.

Bonjour Mademoiselle Jane, enoantada de conooerla.

Oh, thank goodness you will be able to understand her. Now you

can tell me what she is singing.

Well, I believe it is a romance. The woman is declaring her love

for her sweetheart.

Merci, merci, I will dance another one.

Later, maybe, But first you will show me our school room.

(anxious急於  declare宣告 )



Damn it! Christ! Quiet Pilot! Damn it.

Are you injured, sir?

Get away from me. Witch. You've done enough damage.

I cannot think of leaving you, until I see you are fit to mount your horse.

You should be at home youslef, where do you live?

At Thornfield Hall. I can fetch help. I'll have a little while.

Do you think you can bring him over to me?

Come over here, Come. Come here, come here. Hold this.

Thank you, Miss.....

Jane Eyre, Sir,

Well, that's what happens when you bewitch a man's horse. Miss Eyre.

A lot of pain and cursing.

I did not bewitch your horse, sir. I was waiting for you to go past.

You were hovering. Casting spells. Now get off back to Thornfield hall,

if that is indeed where you live.

I do.But I will post my letter first. Before I return.

Don't be late back. Miss Jane Eyre.

(injured受傷   mount安裝.乘  fetch取.弄  fetch hlep找人幫忙 bewitch蠱惑

cursing咒罵  hovering徘囬 casting spells施法 )


Ah,Miss Eyre, there you are. What do you think? the master is back.

Mr. Roochester?

Not a word about his return, as usual. and he had an accident on the 

road. The docotr is with him in the drawing room now.Adele, come

away. Time for bed. Mr. Rochester will see you tomorrow.


Miss Eyre, Make yourself ready. Master has finished his business for

the day and wishes to see you.


Yes, Oh, no, no, no, you must change.

This will have to do.

This will have to do.

Ah, Miss Eyre. (French)

Does Miss Eyre require a present?

Excuse me Sir?

Does the governess except me to have brought her a present back

from my travels overseas?

No, sir.

What are you doing standing over there where I can't see you?

Where would you like me to stand, sir?

Here, sit.  Are you fond of presents, Miss Eyre?

I haredly know, sir. I have little experience of them.

Never had a present?

I believe they are genereally thought pleasant things, sir.

But to this frivolous little doll, this true dauthger of Paris. They are

the stuff of life, aren't they, my little.....

the thought of presents makes here live and breathe

Monsieur Roochester? Merci, merci,

Quiet! While I talk to Miss Eyre.

Where are you from?

Lowood Institution, sir.

How long were you there?

Eight years.

I'm amazed you survived. You're so small. Didn't they feed you? 

No, sir,

And how do you find yourself here and not still there?

I advertised, sir.

Of course you did.What of your family?

I have none . sir

None whatsoever? Freinds?

None, sir.

None at all?

I had a friend once. But she died a long time ago, sir.

You're lucky. Miss Eyre.

If you do not love another living soul. then you'll never be disappointed

Yes, sir

Adele tells me you play the piano brilliantly.

I play a little, sir. 

Of course, a little, that's what they all say. Go over there and play.

Enough. Yes, You're right. you do play a little.

These yours?

Yes, sir.

These are. These are interesting. The ideas all yours?

Yes, sir.

Were you happy when you painted these?

I was fully occupied. I was not unhappy.

What do you think of me, Monsieur? Do you think I look beautiful?

Shall I dance for you? 

Miss Eyre, what are you thinking of? It's very late. Adele should be

in the bed.

And my foot hurts like the blazes.

Good night, sir.

(frivolous輕浮  brilliantly出色 blaze火燄  tedious乏味)


So. What did you think of Master?

He is very changeable. 

Yes.But he has....He has had disappointments in his life. I hope you will

forgive his rough and ready way. You will not leave. I've grown used 

to you. I hope he won't scare you away.

I am not scared of rought manners.

He will be gone soon.He never stays for more than a few days at a time.


Afternoon. Miss.

Miss Eyre, come here.

Sit, Not you pilot. Miss Eyre, excuse me. I am used to giving orders

and having them obeyed. Sit, if you please.

I beg your pardon, sir, I did not ask your permission to read the books.

Permission? To read the books? You are a thinking, Intelligent woman, 

aren't you? Why ever would you need to ask permission? Who else is to

read them? Adele? The venerable Fairfax? I'd more likely find Pilot poring

over the flora and fauna of the South American flatlands. So, anyway, talk.

Talk, sir?

Yes, talk, if you please. See how I'm learning to be polite. I had a tedious 

day of mortgages and share prices and I like to be entertained.

Entertained, sir?

Miss Eyre, can we proceed? Well. When I am tired, I tend to dwell on 

my darker toughts.

I would like to entertain you, sir,

I am not sure what would interest you, though

A smile. a very small one. the mere glimpes of a smile. At last!

Tell me your thoughts. I command you.

I was just thinking, sir, it's.... Not many employers would ask the opinion

of someone they pay $30 pond a year to 

I pay you a salary. do I ? Well, of course I do. Well. I should have my

money's worth, then. oh. I can see there is another prolbem. out with it.

You haven't acually paid me anything yes, sir.

Mercenary girl! Fetch me my keys now! You want my money in your

hand before you will amuse me?

No, sir, That will not be necessary, sir, Maybe you could ask questions,sir

Have you travelled, Miss Eyre?

No, sir,

All young people wish to travel. even if they find kindness and food and a 

fire, they wish to be gone. I have travelled all over the world. Miss Eyre.

And it's ver overrated.

Yes, sir

When I was a young man, I was your equal. I had a clear conscience,

unpolluted by sin. I took the wrong path. It wasn't my fault that I took it,

but... I must bear the blame for continuing on it. I think you may have a 

little of witch about you. you bewitched my horse. You sit there, patiently.

and would draw out secrets of my past.

I do not wish to pry, sir.

I know. Jane. Do you think me handsome, Jane?

No, sir.

Look carefully. If I were to tell you that I'm worth $20,000 ponds.

Surely the light from the fire would soften my features. Do I not now

seem to you now the very model of fashionable man?

I do not think there is anything in science that will allow that, sir.

I spoke hastily,sir, I did not mean that I find you repellent. What I meant

is that It is the character inside that determines a person, not the outer 


Take care, Jane. Don't look too closely insde of me. You might not

find anything within at all beautiful. And then where would we be?

(poring研讀  flora and fauna動植物 mortgage抵押 entertain使娛樂


Not important. No.

Is that Grace Poole?

Does she live alone in the North Tower?

North Tower catches the wind. I don't know why, It makes me shiver

just to think of it.


Miss Eyre. you're required! This way. hurry up.

Oh, goodness. Miss Eyre. The master has taken it into his head

to give adele a biology lesson, and we all have to hunt beetles.

Monsieru Roohester, we are bored with looking at the English water

beetles. They are not beautiful like the ones in your study. Can I go 

with you, Mosieur Rochester, when you set off on your travels once more

I will always wear my best dress and everyone will think I am pretty.

Yes, but if they see you for the shallow little creature that you are no

more substance than one of those meringues over there, well, then

they will find you disgusting, my little parisienne.

They would find me disgusting!

You are mistaken, Adele, If you do not think to find interesting

creatures here in Engand. There's a bird. it's a ....it's a quiet 

nondescript grey colour and it's accustomed not to moving too quickly.

not to draw attention to itself for fear of being beaten.   It wishes it 

could be in a cage. But, sooner or later,slowly. day by day.  Its wings

grow ver strong. and if you were to look very closely. you would see

brilliant scarlet feathers hidden under its drab wings. Until one day. 

it has grown so confident. that it flaps its red wings and flies straight

upwards into the sky.and those lucky enough to catch it in flight. 

think that they have caught a glimpse of a firebird.

And then?

Well, then it flies away somewhere warm and never comes back.

I don't think I believe in this bird.

It's true. There is one here at Thornfield in the gardens if you look 

very hard.

Madame Fairfax. Monsieru Rochester said the ladies will say I'm


Oh. that's nice, dear.

Come, Miss Eyre, you have something to say?

You should not tease, sir, She is just a child.

She is. But she's also selfobsessed. thoughtless, vain.  You've

made great hardway with her even in the past few months,

but look at her just like her mother. I saw what the mother became.

That is no reason to despise the child

Do you really think?

If the blood is tainted, won't I be failing in my duty to her to let her 

remain lik this and not to try my best to correct her ways?

She does not deserve to be ridiculed or despised. She's a child. Shg

deserves that you should trust her. That she'll grow and learn and 

Miss Eyre?

No, thank you, Adele

We shall see, Miss Eyre.


Adele, don't run! What's the matter with Sophie?

She doesn't like les malades, the mad people.


No, Pilot. No, you don't belong here. Go back to your master.

Pilot. come here!


Jane. come and  look at this fellow. look at his wings. I have seen one

like this in the West Indies, but never here. That will teach me to tease

Adele. Come, sit down with me for a while. Sit

As it is now your job as well as mine to bring Adele up correctly. I am 

going to tell you about her. About where she came from and who she

belongs to. Maybe you'll understand 

You do not need to tell me anything.

I know, You understand too much without me saying anything. It is

the witch in you. You have to imagine a young man. Well, one who

is till younglish and who has made a mistake, not his fault, but...

this mistake and the darkness that follows it , have set him helterskelter

around the world in search of beauty to help ease his soul. And he does

find beauty or rather, beauty finds him because, or rather, as you will 

guess, this is a very rich younglish man.

That look. No judgement, no pity. That look could prise secrets from

the blackest souls. Where were we?

Beauty finding a youglish man. 

Ah. yes. So on our whirlwind tour, we alight in Paris. Now. Jane, Imagine,

I know it's difficult. imagine a suite of rooms in a partioularly gorgeous 

Parisian hotel. It is upholstered with velvets and furs, Everything is 

sensuous to the touch. the best that this younglish man's money can 

buy. It is a summer evening and there is perfume in the air. The Young

man breathes in the scent of his lover,musk and amber. Her name is

Celine Varens, She is ver beautiful. She is a dancer. An exotic bird.

She dotes on him.and he is passionately in love with her. He's had a 

fortunate night gambling, and he waits for her now in anticipation of

the dark.Intoxicating hours ahead.

Are you still with me, Jane?

I am here, sir.

At last, he hears the sound of her retun. Only a few more seconds. 

wait until he sees her. An eternity passes. at that very moment...

as I stood in the shadows, the green snake of jealousy bit into my heart

Where is your beast of an Englishman tonight?


Someone else can look at his unpleasant face.

He is very presentable, really. for an Englishman $20,000 pounds make

him very presentable.

She wasn't as clearslighted as you are, Jane. You find me unattractive 

despite my wealth, you do not know what is is to feel jealousy, 

do you, jane? Because you have no idea what is is to love. You have no

idea what it is to feel the very beat of someone's hear within one's 


No. sir. Do you still love her, sir?


Celine? I mean, Miss Varens?

Good God. no. No. I Tthrew her out of the hotel room and I shot him...

In the shoulder or some insignificant place.No. when I saw what a 

wretched fool she had meddled with, I knew that she could never love me

That's obvious, surely.

And Adele?

She left her in the hotel when she ran off. Celine claimed that I was the 

father. but... a fairly elementary study of biology would prove that 

impossible. Tell me. Jane. Is there anything about me that remotely

resembles Adele? Look at me carefully.

No sir,

She left her in the hotel. A parcel, a label on with my name. What was

I to do? Leave her there to starve? I provided for her in France.

Then, a few months ago, It was necessary to bring her here. She was

not my responsibility. but I took her on just the same, so... as her

guardian and your master. what do you think of my behaviour. 

Miss Eyre? Did I do the right thing? It was the right thing to do. 

wasn't it, Jane?

Yes, sir.


Go away Pilot.

Pilot, Go back to your master.

Who's there?

Hello? Hello?







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